KNG Illustration

I had a few people take me up on my request for custom-made name illustrations. Here is the first of those requested names.

In creating these name illustrations I like to picture the person first. So I created a few questions for those requesting the drawings.

Here are the questions asked:

  • Full name of person
  • 3 descriptive words of the person
  • 3 hobbies or interest they may have
  • 3 feeling/hopes/dreams you have for them.

The answers provided for KADEN NICHOLAS GOWIE were:

Kaden is a Sweet, mischievous little guy that has such a big Kind Heart. He is Sensitive but also has an Attitude. He is very Loving and gives the BEST hugs ever! He is very smart and loves listening to music and dancing! He loves to play with his big brother and tries to be just like him. He likes playing with Trucks, Dinosaurs and anything that he shouldn’t be playing with. I would like for Kaden to grow up to be well-rounded. I want him to become whatever he wants to be and for him not to settle for anything less. I want him to be a dreamer and for him to make his dreams come true. It’s still to early to tell what he may want to be when he grows up, but he will grow up to be a GREAT person and do important things.

You can see the original “KNG” illustration and more of the Name Illustration series here on Flickr.

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