DIY: Easy homemade card

Not all “Get Well Soon” cards need to have butterflies and rainbows on them. Sometimes people who are hurt or sick just need a good laugh. That was my approach when creating this very easy homemade card for a friend who had appendix surgery.

All you need is white cardstock (8.5″ x 11″), a standard stapler, fine tip sharpie marker, an envelope (I used an envelope measuring 8.5″ x 5.5″), and a paper-cutter (or utility knife and ruler).

I’ll attempt to give you some simple “how to” directions. Here goes:

1. Fold the card stock width-wise so that it measures 5.5″ x 8.5″. I created my card horizontally, but you could make it vertical too. Unfold the paper so that it lays flat

2. In the bottom section or fold of the paper you will create the tear. Rip the paper at an angle just on the bottom half of the card stock. Start approximately 3 inches from the right side and tear diagonally upwards about 2-3 inches over to the right. This will be the part that you staple together across the front of the card.

3. Using the fine tip sharpie (color of choice) simply scroll out the words “OUCH” or you could try “DANG”, “OOPS” etc. Depending on how you tore the paper you might want to put the words to the left or right of the tear. Keep in mind you will need to cut the card stock down on the left side to fit in the envelope.

4. Begin stapling your torn paper back together. Be sure to lay it flat so that your card stock doesn’t warp or buckle when it’s all stapled together. I started by putting one staple at the fold and one at the bottom of the rip.

5. Prepare the envelope: You are going to tear the envelope twice. First, lay the envelope so that it’s upside down and face up. Pick up the envelope with your fingers at the bottom of the envelope (opposite side from flap). I put my first tear at the center of the envelope. Rip straight down (as straight as possible) from the bottom of the envelope and right through the flap. Next, choose one of the resulting halves of the envelope and repeat the same tear. Keep it as straight as possible and tear off at least 2.5 inches. You will be left with 2 halves that when fit together and measure approximately 6 inches wide once stapled back together. Staple the torn pieces by first stapling the front of the envelope (where the address usually goes and then the back. Be sure not to staple it too much that your card won’t fit in nicely.

6. Once all your staples are finished, you can cut the paper down to fit into your envelope. You can measure the envelope and cut the card to fit. Or do it the fast way like I did. Lay the folded card on top of the envelope so it’s just inside the outer edge of the envelope. Then make a mark on the left side of the paper where it would need to be cut in order to fit inside. Make sure to give the card a little wiggle room in the envelope so it’s easy for the recipient to remove. Use a sharp paper-cutter that has a squared edge. If you don’t have a paper-cutter do your best to make a square cut with a utility knife and straight edge or ruler.

7. Once you have your card stock cut down to the final size, then you can write your message inside the card. I simply wrote “feel better soon”. But you could use “What’d you do that for” or “Watch your step, next time” etc. Try to center your message as best you can, but it doesn’t have to be perfect. When you sign your name on the card (ex. Love, Krista) make sure to use a different pen and NOT the sharpie. This way it’ll help the main message stand out inside the card.

8. I did not mail this card and envelope, but if I was going to mail it I would find a larger envelope to put this inside. I don’t think the USPS would mail the piece with staples all over it. Or you can just opt to leave the staples off the envelope and mail it that way.

If you decide to make your own Ouchy Stapled homemade card send me some pictures. I’d love to see what you came up with. Email, message me on twitter @owtloud or post on Pinterest/Facebook and send me an image link below in the comments.

Have fun and I hope your recipient loves the card as much as my friend did!

3 responses to “DIY: Easy homemade card

  1. Thank you! The best part was seeing her face and hearing her laugh when she opened the card. I’m glad I could brighten her day and take her mind off the pain a little.

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