Silhouettes for the Boys and Girls Club

The Boys and Girls Clubs of Central Virginia asked Out LOUD Designs for some help decorating their brand new Cherry Avenue facility. The facility is beautiful, modern and state of the art, but needed just a small touch of flare.

The idea was to fill the club with life-size silhouettes of children engaged in Club activities. The walls are plentiful in the huge new building, but pose a slight challenge. A lot of them are cinderblock and that is a tough media to work with. Not to mention, whatever decoration they decided to use had to be durable due to the hundreds of kids the club hosts every day.

This is a sample of the figures that Out LOUD Designs created.
The project was a success and the folks at the Boys and Girls Club were really happy with the installation.

Thanks again BGC for the opportunity!



Here are some pictures of the silhouettes installed at the Cherry Avenue Boys and Girls Club in Charlottesville, VA.














2 responses to “Silhouettes for the Boys and Girls Club

    • Thanks Ali!
      I love doing images like these and having life size representations of my work is an extra bonus too!


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