Hand-blown glass ornament


We hung Mackson’s first Christmas ornament on our tree and now it really feels like Christmas. I went over the top on the choice for his first ornament, I know. But how can you resist getting your kid a custom hand-blown glass ornament. We got to pick out the color and style as well as assist in the creation of it.

Thanks to Charles Hall, glass artist from the McGuffey Art Center in Charlottesville for his beautiful work.

I have no doubt that this object will never make it back into the rubbermaid storage bin marked “X-mas”. It’s probably going to hang near a window all year long.

2 responses to “Hand-blown glass ornament

  1. May I use this ornament image for a flyer I am doing for Charles Hall promoting his blow your own ornaments at his studio? My contact is lenhoffman2876@yahoo.com I blow glass in his shop and will have a booth at the Garlic and wine festival this weekend and plan to make hand out on his behalf. I know we both would really appreciate it. If allowed please email the high res image…thank you so much in advance!

    • I’m hoping you received my email and the links to the large photo images. If not please email me again and I’ll send you the photo files directly.
      So glad I can help promote a talented local artist like Charles.

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